Masternaut launches Connect Cold monitoring

Paris, France: Masternaut has launched Connect Cold for cold-chain operators.

It provides real-time temperature tracking, with warnings and dynamic re-adjustments, should variations in temperatures occur. This also provides a log of temperature maintenance across journeys, as a proof of compliance.

“Masternaut is able to provide a complete offering which allows cold-chain operators to benefit from the real-time insight provided by a telematics system. As well as more traditional benefits, such as measuring driver behaviour and fuel efficiency, this gives them the opportunity to continuously track temperatures in chilled units and receive immediate, geolocated warnings should the temperature move outside set limits. The system will adapt dynamically to the temperature set on the cold group inside the refrigerated vehicle or trailer,” the company says.

Dhruv Parekh, chief executive, Masternaut, said: “We have been working on developing this offer for a number of years, with some of our key cold-chain customers. Now, we are able to offer this as a complete package to all operators, opening up the benefits of continuous temperature tracking and measurement, along with all the traditional functions offered by our telematics software.”