A business intelligence service for temperature-controlled logistics providers

www.coldchainnews.com is a news and insight community for the temperature-controlled transport and distribution industry based in the UK.

Since the site’s launch in 2011 it continues to draw more and more readers: latest traffic figures show the site had 98,364 sessions (81,471 users) and 135,571page views in 2020/2021. (Google Analytics 28 July 2021).

The website provides first and best news on temperature-controlled matters from Britain, Europe, the US and the rest of the world. Also on the site are a listing of UK service and product suppliers, updates on UK legal news, opinion pieces from industry figures, reports from industry events, and feature articles.

From 2011 to 2022 the website operated under the brand ‘Global Cold Chain News’ but the decision was taken in 2022 to consolidate the different parts of the community under the same Cold Chain News brand. It now includes the quarterly Cold Chain News magazine, Cold Chain News website and the Cold Chain News weekly newsletter.

Working together with the Cold Chain Federation The Cold Chain Federation acquired Commercial Transport Publishing, owner of industry magazine titles Cold Chain News and website Global Cold Chain News in 2021.

As the long-standing trade association for businesses that operate temperature-controlled storage and distribution operations in the UK, the Cold Chan Federation represents some 250 companies that operate more the 500 warehouses (40m cubic metres) and over 50,000 refrigerated vehicles.

Regarding the alliance of the two organisations, Shane Brennan, chief executive, Cold Chain Federation, said: “We are delighted to have made this acquisition. Over the past three years we have been on a journey to transform our organisation so as to ensure it has an impactful voice on the major issues; brings professionals together to learn and problem-solve; and invests in the advice and research that benefits the whole UK cold chain.

“The Cold Chain Federation is owned by its members. The income we generate is reinvested in our industry and we have decided to invest in Cold Chain News because it will help us grow our community and showcase our activities.

“This acquisition will also present opportunities to grow the value of our organisation as a unique, specialist, marketing channel for current and future suppliers of equipment and services to the UK cold chain. We look forward to exploring and developing these ideas in coming months.”

For more information about the magazine, website, or Federation, including activities, events and membership activities, contact info@coldchainfed.org.uk