ACS&T signs up 3663 in long-term deal

Wolverhampton, UK: ACS&T has signed a new five-year contract with 3663. This is the extension of the Frozen National Consolidation Scheme (NCS), a service ACS&T has operated since 1994.

The two companies have worked together for nearly two decades developing ways to increase efficiencies and decrease environmental impact within the 3663 supply chain.

The 3663 network reduces road miles, empty-leg running and the number of vehicles that the depots have to handle, supporting both 3663’s and ACS&T’s commitment to the environment says ACS&T.

“The Frozen National Consolidation Scheme delivers the most cost-effective route to market for a range of suppliers to 3663, who benefit from pallet-proportional distribution into the 3663 depots,”  says Carl Robinson, sales and commercial Director of ACS&T.

“In addition to this, a dedicated 3663 supplier manager works with suppliers to optimise stock availability allowing both 3663 and its suppliers to maximise sales, without the administrative burden usually associated with stock control,” he says.

“We are also working closely together to develop primary distribution options for the suppliers that will develop cost savings and make the frozen supply chain even more efficient.”

“This new contract with 3663 affirms the strong relationship we have, and the operational excellence that we perform. ACS&T have been flexible in tailoring our operation to meet the changing requirements of the 3663 network and will continue to do this to support the needs of their business.

“This next phase we are entering is very exciting for both parties and together, we are developing the supply chain to achieve optimum efficiency and deliver the maximum service level,” says Robinson.

Jim Gouldie, Director of Supply Chain at 3663, says: “3663 have been working with ACS&T since 1994, and this agreement is testament to the proactive manner in which the relationship between our respective organisations has developed.

“The agreement will now enable a further step-change in the development of our National Consolidation Scheme and provide a significant positive environmental impact in our ongoing focus to reduce food miles”.

ACS&T operates from Grimsby, Wolverhampton, Tewkesbury and Scarborough with 12 cold stores, 3 ambient stores, co-packing facilities and dedicated and shared user multi-temp transport fleets.

The consolidation scheme works by helping to reduce stockholding throughout 3663’s supply chain. As soon as stock arrives in our Wolverhampton store, it becomes visible through our industry-leading real-time stock management system.

Depots order stock in the quantities they need to satisfy orders, and each supplier is only charged for the proportion of pallet space that their stock uses on delivery. Administration is reduced, as suppliers manage stock to agreed levels, and are automatically notified if stock falls below these minimums.