Albert Heijn takes Thermo King axle power

Oostzaan, Netherlands: Netherlands largest supermarket chain Albert Heijn has taken three new electric refrigerated trailers from TIP Group with Thermo King’s Advancer AxlePower.

The three trailers are part of the TIP Group’s fleet and operated by Herbert SAS, Tielbeke Transport and Wezenberg Transport delivering for Albert Heijn.

Opening the doors to emission-free refrigerated trailers, the project is a result of a collaboration between Thermo King, BPW Bergische Achsen, and equipment service provider TIP.

“It is uplifting to work together with the industry leaders and demonstrate capabilities of the technologies that put sustainability front and centre in the transport industry,” Laurent Debias, product management and marketing leader at Thermo King in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) said.

Colm O’Grady, trailer product leader, Thermo King, said.

“Combining our expertise with BPW and TIP Group we’re putting new technology in the hands of the transport companies that allow them to turn the energy typically lost by a trailer during transit into clean power for the refrigeration units.

“Our innovation enables change in transport refrigeration and helps fleets achieve sustainable practice goals, move goods in the most environmentally friendly way and meet lower emission requirements from regulators.”

“The sustainability balance of our solution includes both an ecological and an economic dimension: emissions and noise are reduced, and ongoing operational costs drop immediately – an important advantage, especially in current times of high energy prices”, said Thore Bakker, general manager trailer solutions and mobility services, BPW Bergische Achsen.

“The customer experience tour comes at exactly the right time as pressure on the industry has never been so intense,” he said.

Rogier Laan, vice president sales and marketing, TIP Group, said: “The battery only solution is already available and this trial, with the energy axle configuration, will take up to about 12 months. The first results are very promising.”

“We strongly believe that diesel temperature-controlled trailers will quickly fade-out in favour of fully electrical and we are here to drive and support that transition,” Laan said.

The Advancer AxlePower was developed with BPW. It is an integrated, tractor independent system that combines BPW’s E-Power axle with a Thermo King fridge and power management technology.

The trailers operating for Albert Heijn have Thermo King Advancer A-500 Whisper-Pro, Piek certified refrigeration units and BPW E-Power axles. The AxlePower’s smart energy generating system delivers the power needed to run the trailer refrigeration unit by converting energy recovered by the trailer’s axle during the vehicle’s routine operation.

The system stores the energy generated while the vehicle is rolling or braking in a high voltage battery and reuses it to power the refrigeration unit – enabling fully electric, low or zero-emission and autonomous trailer refrigeration. The battery pack, charged while the trailer is moving, also powers the unit when the trailer stops.

Power management controls the engagement and disengagement of the generators. “The possibility to capture and reuse energy makes the Advancer AxlePower system an ideal solution to future-proof and increase the sustainability of all types of trailer journeys,” Thermo King says.

“With silent running and no CO2 emissions from the refrigeration unit when operating from the battery-pack, this technology allows customers to sustainably run long-haul and inner-city deliveries, including in Ultra-low Emission Zones (ULEZs) and low noise urban areas.”

This post has been corrected. The comment by Laurent Debias, product management and marketing leader at Thermo King in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) comment was incorrected attributed to Colm O’Grady at Thermo King.