Another first for UK body builder Gray & Adams

Ede, Netherlands: Deli XL Foodservice wholesale – in partnership with Gray & Adams, Ducarbo (Gray & Adams service partner in Netherlands), DAF Trucks (EBAG) and TRS refrigeration – has developed a 25 metre-long truck that meets the stringent environmental standards of Euro 5EVV.

Deli XL, which is now operating the environmentally friendly Long Heavy Vehicles (LHVs), also called ‘ecotrucks’, says their use reduces transport costs and contributes to the company’s reduction of CO2 emissions.

“An LHV combination can carry 50% more volume compared to a normal truck combination,” says Jan Willem Gosseling, fleet manager at Deli XL.”The fuel consumption is by, all measures, just a fraction higher.”

The company has bought six rigid trucks that are different in specification and design to the rest of the fleet. A key feature of this combination is the PIEK accreditation awarded to the Gray & Adams product.

This award has been heavily supported by the Noise Abatement Society in the UK, which has, in conjunction with the ‘Silent Approach’ quiet night time delivery scheme, adopted the Dutch PIEK certification scheme for vehicles and equipment operating under 60dB which will be suitable for use in night time deliveries without causing noise disturbance.

Calvin Morrice, managing director of Gray & Adams Dunfermline, attributed the award to stringent manufacturing guidelines carried out by his team in Dunfermline and third party suppliers.

The trucks are also equipped with roof spoiler and fender sets for improved aerodynamics. Like the four drawbar trailers purchased, these trucks are equipped with a generator fridge, which results in lower fuel consumption, claims Gosseling.

During the day the truck and one drawbar trailer are used for customer delivery. In the evening and at night the second trailer is added and used as an ecotruck combination for trunk routes between Deli XL depots. This way the new vehicles can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rene Schreiner, manager of the national distribution centre in Ede, sees many opportunities for the use of LHVs. “We are the central distribution hub for our depots in Holland. With the use of LHVs, we can efficiently fulfil this role and deliver ambient, fresh and frozen at the same time.”

When constructing the body, Deli XL had taken into account the transport of different types of roll cages and pallets. The internal length and width are adjusted accordingly.

The combination supplied to Deli XL Holland is not currently legal in the UK but demonstrates the bespoke capability of the Gray & Adams engineering expertise.