Automatic approval of HGV routing through London

London, UK: Hauliers operating in and around London can now get instant approval of London Lorry Control Scheme compliant routes, thanks to a new online routing and approvals service launched today.

Instead of faxing proposed routes to London Councils and then waiting for days to receive approval and a route card, the new London Lorry Route Approver service will allow HGV operators to find, submit and get compliant routes approved online within seconds.

“The recent price hikes in Penalty Charge Notices for drivers contravening the London Lorry Control Scheme has added yet more pressure on hauliers operating in and around the capital,” said Freddie Talberg, chief executive of mapping specialist PIE, which provides the routing and mapping expertise behind the new service.

“More than 3,000 penalty charge notices were handed out last year, costing hauliers and drivers upwards of £1million, but getting sign off of routes has been a time-consuming process – until now.

“With London Lorry Route Approver, we’ve giving hauliers a quick, simple and highly affordable solution to the problem – the service is available from only £1 per vehicle per month.”

The mapping software will automatically generate a compliant route specifically suited to the size of the vehicle, avoiding width, weight and height restrictions. Hauliers can then submit the route to London Councils, receive instant automatic approval online and print a route card for their drivers.

All approved routes are stored on a password-protected website where hauliers can revisit the service as many times as they wish or give their drivers direct access to the routes themselves.

Talberg says: “Transport managers no longer have to waste admin time chasing up approvals and have the reassurance that their drivers will avoid height, weight and width restrictions and difficult terrain like very tight turns. They can also be confident that their drivers are using a fully compliant route.”

As the service provides O-licence operators with unequivocal proof of compliance, it eliminates the risk of a penalty charge.

PIE provides the routing and mapping expertise behind, a free freight-mapping site that was set up by London Councils to help hauliers comply with the London Lorry Control Scheme’s Excluded Road Network. The interactive map helps with route planning and shows excluded roads, together with a host of other useful freight-specific information including height, width and weight restrictions, traffic and speed camera locations, HGV friendly fuel stations and truck stops.

About he London Lorry Control Scheme

  • Administered by London Councils, the London Lorry Control Scheme is designed to minimise noise pollution from HGVs at environmentally sensitive times. It controls the movement of any heavy goods vehicles (over 18 tonnes gross weight) at night and weekends on specific roads known as the Excluded Road Network (ERN).
  • The penalty charge is currently £550 for hauliers and £130 for drivers for each contravention. (These charges are reduced by 50% if paid within 14 days.)
  • A team of enforcement officers monitor vehicles from the roadside. They patrol London targeting specific locations that have either been complaint sensitive or where experience has shown they will observe high numbers of heavy goods vehicles.
  • More than 3,100 penalty charge notices were handed out last year, costing hauliers and drivers upwards of £1M (enforcement period: 2009/2010).
  • The hours during which the ERN applies are: Monday – Friday: 9pm – 7am (including 9pm Friday night to 7am Saturday morning). Weekends: 1pm – 7am Monday morning