Bernard Krone is the new chief executive of Krone vehicle plant

Werlte, Germany: Bernard Krone, chairman of the management board of trailer builder Krone, is taking on the added responsibity of chief executive of its vehicle plant in Werlte from 1 November.

A company statement says: “With the chairmanship of the machinery plant and the vehicle plant, the planned long-term process for the strategic takeover of overall responsibility in the family business continues.”

Bernard Krone, pictured left, has been active in the family business since 2007. He became a member of the management board of Krone Holding and the machinery plant in August 2008. In August 2010 he officially took over the management of the entire Krone group from his father.

“The next few years will see us continue to work on a daily basis to maintain our position as innovation leader and benchmark setter,” said Bernard Krone.

“Our aim is to continue to develop new solutions from which our customers in the agricultural machinery and commercial vehicle sectors can benefit. And the success of past years vindicates our strategy; Krone continues to achieve significant milestones with ground-breaking innovations in both business sectors.”