Carrier cuts its manufacturing carbon footprint

Rouen, France: Carrier Transicold will reduce its carbon footprint in its Rouen truck and trailer manufacturing operations by adhering to the Certificats Equilibre programme, launched by energy provider Eléctricité de France (EDF).

The programme guarantees that EDF will return one megawatt of electricity from a renewable power source, such as hydro, photovoltaic, biomass or wind, to the French power supply for every ‘certificate’ purchased by Carrier Transicold.

The Certificats Equilibre programme is controlled by the independent organisation, Observ’ER, the French representation of the European body RECS that promotes a pan-European renewable electricity market.

Carrier Transicold estimates that by the end of the first year, it will have contributed to the reduction of the equivalent of 125 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Carrier Transicold strives to build on its record of environmental excellence and to promote sustainable development in order to respond to the desires of its customers to source equipment from environmentally responsible partners.

David Appel, president, Carrier Transicold says: “Environmental awareness and stewardship are ingrained in Carrier Transicold’s culture.”

“The “Certificats Equilibre” is part of an ongoing effort to make decisions that are beneficial for the planet and for our customers, who are increasingly sensitive to their environmental impact.  This ecological awareness extends to our production processes, our daily plant operations and to our products.”

Carrier Transicold seeks new ways to broaden and improve its sustainability efforts as well as to educate employees on how to develop sustainable habits, such as recycling, and limiting electrical and water consumption.  Such advice is regularly integrated into employees through weekly plant meetings, or to coincide with international environmental events.

John Mandyck, chief sustainability officer for Carrier says: At Carrier, we believe that green products must start at a green company.  From 2006 to 2010 we reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, including factory production, the cars that we drive, and the air miles that we use to conduct our business.  We also reduced our water usage by 30%.

“When it comes to sustainability, we look at ourselves first and, we look at the products that we offer and how we can continually push the envelope with new environmental technologies across all of our product applications.”

To this end, Carrier launched its Co2nservation Meter, which calculates avoided greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the installation of high efficiency Carrier air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems by customers around the world since 2000.

Launched last year, the model compares the projected greenhouse gas emissions from select Carrier products to emissions from comparable baseline products, with the difference representing the avoided emissions.

To date, more than 98m tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions have been avoided as a result of the installation of high efficiency Carrier air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems by customers around the world since 2000 and from Carrier’s energy services business, Noresco, since 2008.