Carrier Transicold backs Indian fact finding delegation

Athens, Georgia, US: A delegation of 13 executives representing India’s public and private sector attended a trade mission to the United States looking to increase opportunities in cold chain development for India.

The Indian delegation’s trip to the United States was hosted by the US Trade and Development Agency, Global Cold Chain Alliance, and Carrier Transicold.  The delegation toured Carrier Transicold customer, Sysco Atlanta, in the US and also visited Carrier Transicold’s refrigeration manufacturing factory. Here the delegation learnt about Carrier’s truck and trailer refrigeration innovations and participated in a workshop on safe loading practices for refrigerated trucks and trailers.

Carrier Transicold has served India’s temperature-control transport and storage sector since 1993.  India, despite being one of the largest producers of fruits and vegetables in the world, lacks sufficient infrastructure, capacity, technical experience, and standards in handling and storage and as a result wastes some 30% of produce.

Indian public sector participants included representatives from the National Horticulture Board, the Ministry of Food Processing and Industries, and Fresh and Healthy Enterprise.

The Indian delegation, representing public and private sector organsisations, at Carrier's factory in Georgia

Dr Sharma, senior deputy director, National Horticulture Board said: “We are in the process of establishing a refrigerated transport test facility in India. Seeing the level of technology in Carrier’s facility was very useful and informative, particularly as we consider financing for transport refrigeration units under government promoted schemes and projects.”

Private sector attendees included cold storage facility owners, engineers, and cold chain logistics providers, such as Snowman Logistics. Snowman, which has 25 modern warehouses, distributes to some 4,400 outlets in more than 100 cities in India.

Ravi Kannan, chief executive officer, Snowman Logistics said: “Visiting the Sysco food distribution warehouse, as well as the Carrier manufacturing plant added tremendous value as we look to apply best practices in India.”

David Appel, president, Carrier Transicold said: “We were honoured to share best practices in transport refrigeration with this important delegation from India to help them develop safety standards and reliable methods of transporting perishables and frozen foods for both domestic and export consumption.”

Richard Tracy, director of international programs, Global Cold Chain Alliance, said: “The benefits to the Indian cold chain executives to see firsthand and learn from experienced leaders in the US are invaluable, as they will be able to apply this knowledge to hasten the pace of development of India’s cold chain.”