Carrier Transicold launches new light truck fridge range

Warrington, UK: Carrier Transicold Europe has launched its Pulsor range of refrigeration units for light commercial vehicles.  The new range gives more precise temperature control and cold chain protection for delivering temperature-sensitive goods in dense urban areas, the company says.

The new range, designed for insulated vans and light commercial vehicles with a load space of 12 to 30 cubic metres, can reach full refrigeration capacity at engine speeds of 1,000 rpm ensuring a constant set point throughout the delivery cycle.

The Pulsor unit is designed to meet multi-temperature requirements cooling and heating multiple compartments simultaneously to varying set points between -30°C and +30°C.

Justin Grace, managing director of Carrier Transicold UK, says: “The beauty of the Pulsor unit is that it uses patented new Carrier E-Drive technology, combined with an inverter and a variable speed hermetic compressor.

“E-Drive technology has been specially adapted from Carrier’s proven Vector all-electric trailer system, which the majority of supermarket fleets in the UK and Ireland already benefit from.

“Many of these customers also run significant home delivery operations; where extensive product testing has shown the Pulsor unit to thrive, with a 20% reduction in fuel consumption during pull down.  This can provide operators with a tangible return on investment.”

“We also expect this new technology to prove attractive to fleets operating direct drive systems as it eliminates the requirement for a roadside compressor – a component renowned for being the primary cause of unit downtime,” he adds.

As with the Vector 1550 and Vector 1850 trailer units, Carrier E-Drive technology uses a generator to provide electricity to power an inverter that regulates the power delivered according to refrigeration needs.  The variable speed hermetic compressor works at different speeds according to the inverter’s output, delivering constant capacity in all refrigeration phases.

The Pulsor unit’s high and continuous capacity at low engine speeds suits urban multi-drop work.

The Pulsor unit reaches the designated set point twice as fast as conventional technology, and is accurate to within +/- 0.3°C of the defined set point, says Carrier.

All connections are made with copper pipe instead of flexible hoses to reduce potential leaks giving the unit an average of 2.5% refrigerant leak per year.

The Pulsor unit has undergone field-testing with customers in Europe, including the UK.  In addition to temperature accuracy and improved environmental performance, fleet operators have been impressed with the Pulsor unit’s low cost of ownership, owing to a reduction in the number of serviceable parts, hoses and fittings combined with the proven robustness of the inverter, says Carrier.

The inverter is a standard component used in the air-conditioning industry that has been further strengthened to meet Carrier Transicold’s requirements, and which provides users with superior product reliability.

The Pulsor range will be commercially available from January 2012 in six models: Pulsor 300, 350, 400, 500, 400MT (multi-temp) and 600MT.

Carrier Transicold Europe has launched its Pulsor range of refrigeration units for light commercial vehicles