Carrier’s hydraulic powered fridge

Carrier Transicold‘s new Supra City Z is a hydraulically driven refrigeration unit for trucks that eliminates the diesel engine within the unit to reduce noise. It is aimed at operators that distribute temperature-sensitive goods in urban areas and is part of its City range that includes the Piek-certified Vector 1550 City and Vector 1850 City units.

Supra City Z is powered by hydraulic pump driven from the truck engine’s power take off. The oil pump is electronically controlled to maintain cooling capacity regardless of truck engine speed. Using a hydraulic engine eliminates the primary source of noise from the refrigeration system.

The Supra City Z unit also uses the insulation equipment from the Supra Silent version to reduce noise levels to 62 dB in stand-by mode. The Supra City Z unit is available at 9,020 and 11,100 watts and at 11,100 watts for multi-temperature operation with loads up to 19 tonnes.