Constellation backs switch to -15°C

London, UK: Constellation Cold Logistics has pledged support for #JoinTheMoveToMinus15, a movement to reduce the temperature of our freezers from -18°C to -15°C.

The standard temperature used across the cold chain has been -18°C for over 90 years. It doesn’t reflect the innovations in technology, efficiency and our increased understanding of our impact on the environment which have come since. That’s why we’ve joined the movement to make a change,” the company said.

“By switching to -15°C, we’re cutting our carbon emissions, saving money and energy at the same time. It’s a no-brainer, but it has a huge impact.  We’re part of a larger movement, with research suggesting that switching to -15°C could save up to 17.7 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. That’s the equivalent of the yearly emissions of almost 4 million cars.”

“The switch to -15°C could create energy savings of up to 25 terawatt-hours. That’s 8.63% of the UK’s energy consumption. As far as we’re concerned, it’s a win-win for Constellation, consumers and the planet.”

“By joining this movement, we’re joining a global coalition that’s coming together to make a difference. Why not just make the change on our own? Because collaboration is part of the solution. By working together with our industry peers, sharing information and making the change together, we will be able to have a bigger impact than any of us would be able to by ourselves.We are excited to keep you up to date as our efforts to make cold storage more sustainable continue.”