Cool Containers gets FAA approval containers

Mariette, Ohio, US:  The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the PharmaPort 360 temperature controlled shipping container for use in commercial and military air transport.

PharmaPort 360 containers are for high-value pharmaceuticals and configured for standard NAS air cargo pallets. The container maintains internal temperature of 5°C in extreme ambient from 60°C to -40°C in transport mode and have a charge (ground) mode.

The boxes meet international logistic system standards including air, sea and highway for precision temperature controlled service in a self-contained modular unit. The payload weight is 544kg (1200 lbs).

The PharmaPort 360 uses proprietary systems developed by Farrar Scientific to exceed World Health Organization criteria for cold chain distribution. In flight, the container operates independently of the aircraft and requires no external system power. It generates no heat or hazardous vapours. A self-contained regenerative heat exchanger avoids Hazmat costs associated with dry ice and eliminates the need for a refrigerated truck. Between uses the container is recharged by a standard AC power supply before deployment in fixed-based storage, ground, sea or air transport.

A data acquisition system operates during all modes. Control and monitoring technology supports proof-of-performance in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration 21 CFR 11. GPS tracking permits retrieval and sharing of system performance en route. OQ/PQ documentation is available.

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