Cool Logistics Resources launches Cool Logistics Africa

Cape Town, South Africa: Cool Logistics Africa, the new conference organised by Cool Logistics Resources in Cape Town at the Vineyard Hotel & Spa on 24-26 April 2012, will cover all aspects of perishable logistics set in a pan-African context.

The two-day conference, followed by a one-day workshop, will focus on developing cold chain skills and infrastructure and identify new opportunities that will allow African countries to compete in global markets.

The conference will look at how not only fruit, but also other perishable commodities such as meat, flowers and fish, are produced, stored and transported from Southern Africa to markets worldwide.

Particular attention will be drawn to limited transport and cold storage capacity and seek to redefine concepts of ownership and responsibility in the cold chain.

“The intention of the 1st Cool Logistics Africa conference is to lay the foundations for a series of regional events on the African continent that will seek to define the characteristics of the local perishable logistics sector and benchmark these against service levels established in Europe, the Far East and The Americas,” says Alex von Stempel, Director of Cool Logistics Resources.

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