CRST Launches Transcontinental Temperature Controlled Team Service

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, US: CRST International is offering a new expedited Transcontinental Temperature Controlled Team Service. This service will operate as a division of CRST Expedited, the largest operating company of CRST International. The service includes both chilled and frozen products.

“CRST will be the only transportation company in the U.S. offering an exclusive temperature controlled service supported by team drivers,” said Dave Rusch, president and chief executive of CRST International. “We will be providing transcontinental transportation of perishable products in less than 60 hours at a price that is competitive with single drivers. Typical single-driver perishable deliveries take about five and a half days.”

TCTS will cater to US cold chain retailers and producers looking for high quality service to deliver products such as fruit and vegetables, dairy, meats, fish and shellfish, ice cream, pharmaceuticals, wine, beer and health and beauty aids. Rusch said that produce is the fastest-growing market for temperature controlled transportation, with organic products not far behind.

CRST says it is able to offer the flexibility to increase or decrease capacity based on peak seasons or individual retailer or producer needs, through the cross use of CRST Expedited’s fleet of approximately 2,000 team tractors.

Currently, a majority of temperature-controlled carriers are independent drivers or firms with fewer than 10 trucks, says CRST.

TCTS will use CRST drivers and equipment, including new Thermo King Refrigerated units and insulated Utility Trailers that can maintain temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees.