CryoPort appoints cold chain shipping expert Rafik Bishara to advisory board

San Diego, US: CryoPort has retained Rafik H Bishara to advise on its business development initiatives, technology programs and strategic planning.

Dr Bishara is the current chair of the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Interest Group, Parenteral Drug Association and expert in cold chain distribution and shipping of pharmaceutical products and life science materials.

“Rafik Bishara is the life science industry’s most prominent voice for improving cold chain shipping, and developing regulatory guidelines and standards for transporting pharmaceutical and biotech products,” said Larry Stambaugh, CryoPort’s chairman and chief executive. “As we gain commercial momentum, Dr Bishara will play a key role in many areas, including identifying new market opportunities, expanding industry awareness of the CryoPort Express Dry Shipping solution, and demonstrating the advantages of adopting our services and product technology.”

“CryoPort’s shipper and ordering system represent a significant advancement in deep frozen shipping,” said Bishara. “From clinical trials and diagnostics to in vitro fertilization and cutting edge immunotherapies, CryoPort Express offers reliability and integrity for biologicals through its innovative technologies and solutions. I look forward to working with Larry and his team to implement a new industry standard.”

CryoPort has developed a proprietary, technology-driven transport and packaging system that replaces dry ice for the frozen shipping market in the growing global life science industry.

The products developed by CryoPort have a 10+ day holding time and use “green” materials and are essential components of the infrastructure required for the testing, research and end-user delivery of temperature-sensitive medicines and biomaterials in an increasingly complex global logistical environment.