Demountable bodies for food distribution

Madrid, Spain: Trailer builder Aucar-Trailer has developed a demountable-body system based on an Iveco Eurocargo chassis.

The Policar system is based on a 16-tonne, 300hp rigid truck with Allison 3000 Series fully automatic transmission.

Aucar-Trailer demonstrated the demountable system this week at the Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial in Madrid. 94cc9b3bb4f819e8_400x400ar

The systems uses two movable boxes, capable of operating at different temperatures during a single trip. Once the vehicle reaches a lorry park, it can be converted into a rigid truck to allow easy delivery of the two boxes to different distribution areas.

The Policar demounts system can be mounted on all types of vehicle configurations and can be manufactured with isothermal boxes and multi-temperature cooling units.

Specification of the Allison Transmission reflects a trend in the distribution sector for automatic transmissions that increase productivity and enhanced performance, as well as improved vehicle control, safety and fuel consumption.