DHL opens life sciences and healthcare centres

Miami, FL, US: DHL has opened life sciences and healthcare centres Competence Centers in Miami and Atlanta which have temperature controlled rooms and SmartSensor technology for tracking and maintaining products’ temperature range and integrity.

The move was sparked by a need to increase capacity across the company’s global network. Although temperature controlled shipments are handled at all DHL locations, these two facilities offer customers enhanced capabilities, increased capacity and greater flexibility to control their freight.

“Our facilities and specialized services give us greater flexibility to control customers’ freight when incidents occur by having 24×7 visibility, and an infrastructure in place to recover freight and store it, maintaining its integrity,” says Marco Quiros, head of business development, Life Sciences & Healthcare, DHL Americas.

The new Competence Centers were chosen as strategic launching points to transport pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical devices throughout the Americas. The Atlanta and Miami teams currently handle shipments for some of the top pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world.

The Atlanta Competence Center has applied for Free Trade Zone status to process pharmaceutical products for exporting outside of the US, and the city of Atlanta is home to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), a perfect location for organizations working in the area of medical research needing to house products.

The Competence Centers also include chilled and forzen storage.