DHL Vienna hub to boost pharmaceutical sector

Vienna, Austria: DHL Global Forwarding has opened a 500sq metre refrigerated warehouse at Vienna Airport to handle temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. The Competence Centre is expected to handle some 20,000 pallets annually. Product is stored at specific temperature ranges: between 2-8 °C and 15-25 °C.

Ronald Friedreich, managing director DHL Global Forwarding Austria says: “Our new Life Science Competence Centre is of particular importance for our customers in the drug and medical device industries, since it offers solutions tailored to their specific needs.

“We’re expanding our global cold chain network. We’ve also created excellent conditions for our customers to tie into global retail markets,” he says.

DHL Global Forwarding also offers loading and unloading of refrigerated containers, product packing and coordinates freight space and organises transport.

This summer, DHL will operate ColdChain Europe, a pan-European road freight pallet network dedicated to the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry that will connect to the Vienna Competence Centre.

The Life Science Competence Centre is a worldwide initiative for processes and infrastructure in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries. DHL currently maintains 21 such centres as part of a global network with a strong focus on markets in developing countries.