Electric demonstration from Paneltex at Arrive ‘n’ Drive

Rockingham, UK: Paneltex, which makes temperature controlled truck and van bodywork, will be exhibiting at the Arrive ‘n’ Drive event at Rockingham.

The show will demonstrate low and zero emission commercial vehicles including Paneltex’s 7.5 tonne 150kW Zeroed pure EV featuring a Paneltex ATP Class C type approved insulated body and electric refrigeration system.

Paneltex’s 7.5 tonne all-electric Zeroed with ATP Class C insulated body and electric refrigeration

A combination of active and passive regenerative braking recovers the maximum possible braking energy, which, with the 100kWh battery, helps give this zero emissions urban delivery truck a long range. The 20kW on-board charger provides a full charge from flat in 5 hours, and in-built remote diagnostics and tracking provide live management information 24/7.

In 2008 Paneltex demonstrated its first “Zeroed” electric vehicle conversions based on the Isuzu Grafter truck chassis. Four years on Paneltex offers vehicles from 5 to 11 tonnes featuring 150kW peak power permanent magnet motors, and up to 100kWh of lithium iron phosphate battery capacity. Fully automatic, these vehicles offer brisk performance with ranges up to 120 miles on a single charge in urban driving. The conventional chassis design allows bodywork of any design to be fitted.