Evergreen Line orders 4,000 energy efficient PrimeLine units from Carrier Transicold

Syracuse, NY, US: Evergreen Line, one of the world’s largest container shipping companies, has ordered for 4,000 PrimeLine refrigeration units from Carrier Transicold, tripling its initial investment in a unit that leads the industry in energy efficiency.

Carrier Transicold’s PrimeLine units help meet the environmental goals of Taiwan-based Evergreen Line by reducing shipboard power generation needs and related emissions, which in turn decrease the environmental impact of refrigerated container shipping.  PrimeLine units now account for more than 20% of the containers in Evergreen Line’s refrigerated fleet.  Most of Evergreen Line’s new 40-foot refrigerated containers are being used for fleet expansion, with some used to replace aging units.

“We congratulate Evergreen Line as its 6,000 PrimeLine units are expected to save enough energy over their operating life to eliminate more than 208,000 tons of carbon emissions, relative to the industry average,” said David Appel, president, Carrier Transicold.  “That’s equivalent to removing more than 2,900 cars from the road over the same period.”

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Evergreen Line has ordered for 4,000 PrimeLine refrigeration units from Carrier Transicold tripling initial investment

Evergreen Line chose the PrimeLine unit for its reduced carbon emissions, coupled with best-in-class pull-down and cooling capacity for high-respiration perishables.  “The PrimeLine unit represents a continuation of Carrier’s decades-long commitment to incorporating sustainability into its product portfolio, giving customers such as Evergreen Line, opportunities to increase quality while lowering carbon emissions and operating costs,” said John Mandyck, Carrier’s chief sustainability officer.

The PrimeLine unit has the highest deep-frozen capacity of any unit using R-134a, the non-ozone depleting refrigerant with the lowest global warming potential of all contemporary container refrigerants.  As energy is the single largest component of lifecycle cost, the PrimeLine unit’s exceptional efficiency results in lifecycle costs that are significantly lower than competitive units, the company says.

With the PrimeLine unit, Evergreen Line also realizes operational and maintenance synergies, because the unit shares commonalities with the EliteLine scroll refrigeration units that comprise a large portion of the fleet’s refrigerated containers.

Evergreen Line operates the fourth largest container fleet in the world, with more than 160 ships and a capacity of approximately 600,000 TEU.