GCCA calls for new European deal

Brussels, Belgium: Collaboration between the European parliament and businesses operating cold chains in Europe is vital, the Global Cold Chain Alliance says.

Signing the Antwerp Declaration in support of the European Industrial Deal last week, the Global Cold Chain Alliance called for greater support for investment in infrastructure, innovation and future skills.

“Alongside many heads of government and Commission leaders, more than 1000 European business representative organisations are supporting the Antwerp Declaration for the European Industrial Deal, which will play a key role in the formation of the new strategic agenda for Europe that will be agreed upon later this year,” the association said.

“Cold chain businesses are vital to the future economic success of Europe. We strongly endorse the Antwerp Declaration’s plans for public and private investment in our energy resilience and the need to invest in critical supply chains,” Julie Hanson, Europe director, at the alliance said.

“Working together, the European parliament and cold chain businesses can facilitate investment in the infrastructure, innovation and future skills that are needed for resilient and sustainable temperature-controlled food and pharmaceutical supply chains into the future.”

This move follows the announcement in April that the GCCA had joined several national organisations representing the cold chain to set out a call to action for European leaders.