Ge-Fresh Logistics cuts cost with temperature-controlled multi-modal service

Rotterdam, Netherlands: Ge-Fresh Logistics‘ temperature-controlled multi-modal container transport service for European routes is offering significantly lower transport costs, says Erik Janse, director of Ge-Fresh Logistics.

The multi-modal temperature-controlled service started last year on the back of Ge-eX Logistics’ multi-modal container transport service set up in 2007.  “Normally speaking a truck is of course a quicker option, but when looking at Friday departure from the Netherlands for Sunday or Monday delivery in Ireland or Italy, then just as with a lorry we are able to deliver to the market on Sunday evening/Monday morning.  But the price is significantly lower,” Janse says.

“We go for 45 ft wide reefer containers with an independently working cooling installation,” he says. “With these ‘diesel electric units’ we are in a position to offer a wide European multi modal network, which is also well suited to clients in the fruit and vegetable sector”

“We can monitor these trucks from a distance and adjust the temperature settings.  In this way it is possible to travel temperature controlled by rail and offer full-service in all of Europe in case of calamities.”

“In addition to the great advantage of realising a significant reduction in the number of kilometres travelled, which price-wise is below that of road transport, it is also good for the environment,” says Janse.

“Our service network consists of the Benelux, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, the Baltics, Spain, Portugal, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy.  Annually on the basis of the infrastructure we decide whether other countries will be added and the reliability is of essential importance to us” Erik explains,” he says.

“Fruit and vegetables are a market we are still exploring, but the tests are very promising.  Through a combination of rail and short-sea we can operate in a multi modality and in this way accept goods from Ireland to Italy as well and vice versa.  We have sufficient capacity available,” Janse says.