Happy 50th birthday to Millard Refrigerated Services

Omaha, NE, US: Millard Refrigerated Services celebrates 50 years in business at a reception during the American Frozen Foods Institute’s Annual Convention in Anaheim, California, next Monday.

Millard was founded in 1963 by Larry Larsen and remains family-owned and operated that has added supply chain solutions like transportation, re-distribution, high pressure processing and import/export to it original warehousing services.

Millard serves North America from 36 sites and is the second-largest refrigerated warehouse and distribution company in the United States. In addition to cold storage and transport, Millard provides high pressure pasteurisation, logistics and import/export assistance. More recently, the company expanded several existing distribution centres and last year announced a major development adjacent to the Port of Charleston, SC.

“Millard has enjoyed a 50 year run of constantly improving the way we operate and we want to share that success with our customers and other friends at AFFI. We look forward to celebrating this anniversary and the many more milestones to come,” said Tim Smith, senior vice president, sales and marketing,  Millard Refrigerated Services.