Huntapac takes 22 new Advancer fridges

Preston, UK: Huntapac has 22 new Thermo King A400 Advancer fridges supplied by Marshall Fleet Solutions as replacement units.

Joanne Cleece, head of transport, Huntapac said, “Whilst we did look at other options, we knew we wanted to replace our old units with Advancer units. The first five Advancer units we ordered outperformed our existing ones in regards to fuel used, giving us confidence to expand our purchase. Since then, the Advancer has consistently met or exceeded our expectations.”

“The combination of the Advancer’s technology with MFS’ customer service has been fantastic: there’s a great system for tracking and monitoring the Advancer’s performance. Everything is there in black and white, and it feels very open and honest. Being able to track the Advancer’s CO2 emissions and fuel consumption is very useful as I can share this within the business and attach a number to our environmental impact.”