Insulated cages for the SA perishables supply chain

Cape Town, South Africa: Thermally insulated covers are increasingly being used by major retail grocery chains in South Africa as they switch to roll cages to assist in the distribution process.

Bamic Enterprises of Cape Town is supplying an option that can either be mounted on the interior or exterior on the roll cage to protect the temperature of the goods inside. The interior variant is used where the shelf of the roll cage is not used and the exterior mounted variant is used when the shelf is used.

When it comes to cold chain items this protection is particularly useful at the point of off-loading, as this is where the weak link in the cold chain usually exists. However these covers are also proving very useful in the growing requirement of refrigerated transport operators who find they increasingly having to transport multi-temperature loads. The covers protect chilled or ambient goods from the intense cold of when carried in trailers at below freezing temperatures.

The covers are made from food-safe foils, sandwiching a registered Polywool insulating layer. They are mainly used in protecting sensitive product such as bananas, avocados, chicken and processed meats in the supply chain from the distribution centre to the store.