Intelleflex launches Cool Chain Quick Scan

Santa Clara, CA, US: Intelleflex has developed a program to help growers and distributors monitor temperature variations in cold chains to improve the quality and freshness of delivered produce.

The Intelleflex Cool Chain Quick Scan measures and documents temperatures of fresh produce as it moves from the field, to the pack house, into distribution to retailer. Participants in the Quick Scan Program receive 12 Intelleflex TMT-8500 passive RFID temperature-monitoring tags with instructions and return packaging.  Participants place the tags with their produce and process the pallets as they normal.  Participants remove the tags at the pack house or distribution centre and mail them to Intelleflex for analysis.

Together with Innovative Fresh, a fresh produce consultancy, Intelleflex evaluates the data and the two companies provide an analysis of the temperature variations and their effect on the product’s shelf life, freshness and quality, as derived from the sample data.  The Quick Scan program is designed so that members of the fresh produce cold chain can monitor the freshness of their produce as well as to reduce shrink and improve profitability and delivered freshness.