Intelleflex opens European office

Brussels, Belgium:  Intelleflex, which supplies on-demand data visibility solutions has opened an office in Brussels to handle business from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Erik Cotman, former handling business development and marketing at PHI Data, will lead the office as general manager for the regions. The company opened the new office to support its sales of Intelleflex XC3 technology RFID readers and tags, which “deliver actionable data for on-demand visibility of the condition of temperature-sensitive products, such as food and pharmaceuticals, and other high-value assets”.

“Customers are increasingly in need of actionable data about the condition of their products to manage quality, not just monitor it.  Actionable data enables the intelligent supply chain and reduces waste and improves the delivered quality and safety of their temperature- sensitive products,” said Peter Mehring, president and chief executive,  Intelleflex.

Cotman will lead Intelleflex’s channel and sales efforts throughout the region. Prior to joining Intelleflex, Erik Cotman worked as business development manager and marketing manager at PHI Data, specialist in auto-id and data collection. In this role, he was responsible for the strategic development of the RFID and RTLS activities of the company in the Benelux region. This experience will serve him well in his new role as EMEA general manager at Intelleflex the company says.

“I’m excited to be joining Intelleflex. The company’s XC3 Technology provides businesses with a new level of RFID performance and capabilities for capturing, aggregating and sharing actionable data to improve supply chain operations and track high-value assets,” said Erik Cotman. “Having worked as a system integrator in EMEA, I know Intelleflex fills the gap where neither passive nor active RFID technology provides an answer and will help our partners deliver new capabilities to their customers.”

Intelleflex XC3 Technology multi-protocol readers and tags utilise innovative battery-assisted passive RFID technology, which equals or exceeds the performance of active RFID, while substantially reducing costs.  Intelleflex readers and tags support both the ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 standard for Class 3 battery-assisted passive RFID, and the EPCglobal C1G2 standard for passive RFID.  Intelleflex RFID readers and tags are also distinguished for their ability to reliably read and write in RF-unfriendly environments including metals, liquids, or with items in motion.

The company’s products enable condition monitoring of individual product packaging on loaded pallets or totes from a range of up to 100 meters and through packaging, allowing operators to make informed decisions on product shipment, inventory and rotation that can reduce shrink in perishable foods and guarantee efficacy of pharmaceuticals.