Intelleflex wins Food Logistics Top 100 award

Santa Clara, CA, US: Intelleflex, which this month launched its temperature-monitoring solutions in Europe, has won a Food Logistics Top 100 award from Food Logistics Magazine.

The award judges focused on solution providers that are helping their customers differentiate themselves in the marketplace, while simultaneously facilitating improved safety and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Intelleflex formed a strategic alliance with The Hartford Financial Group, an industry leader in loss prevention, insurance and other services, to enable Hartford’s customers to more effectively monitor perishables and other temperature-sensitive products throughout the supply chain.

Together, the two companies are able to help shippers, carriers, warehouse operators, and logistics providers avoid waste, lower claims, and maximize profits in the cold supply chain.

“With the passage of the FDA’s landmark Food Safety and Modernization Act, the entire food and beverage sector is under increased pressure to improve safety and traceability throughout the supply chain.  In addition, the ongoing globalization of food supply chains demands closer collaboration with suppliers and enhanced visibility from farm to fork,” says Lara Sowinski, editor-in-chief at Food Logistics.

An Intelleflex temperature-monitoring tag providing visibility from farm to fork

“Technology is a powerful tool that can ensure compliance, mitigate risk, and serve as a market differentiator in today’s highly competitive environment.”

“Intelleflex has risen above competitive offerings with a solution that has been proven to deliver major benefits to all parties across the cold chain, as well as improve food quality and safety for consumers,” said Peter Mehring, president and chief executive of Intelleflex.  “Partnering with The Hartford and earning industry awards provides strong endorsement of the value we provide for our global customers.  We look forward to building on the momentum in 2012.”

Intelleflex provides on-demand, data visibility solutions for cold chain and asset management.  Its industry-leading XC3 Technology(TM) RFID products enable a range of solutions for fresh produce, perishable food, and pharmaceutical temperature monitoring, asset tracking, personnel monitoring, retail, healthcare and other applications.  These real-time monitoring solutions can help organizations reduce shrink or loss, more closely track and manage assets, reduce cost of operations, and increase profitability.