Iveco uses SCR truck engine technology for Euro 6

Turin, Italy: Iveco is to fit Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology on its two new Cursor and Tector engine ranges for heavy-duty trucks. FPT Industrial developed the SCR technology which achieves high NOx conversion efficiency of over 95% against the 80-85% of best competitors, says Iveco.

Iveco chief executive, Alfredo Altavilla says: “We were the first to announce our Euro VI engine technology strategy back in April 2010 at the Analyst and Investor day meeting in Turin.

“I said then that we would meet Euro 6 standards without Exhaust Gas Recirculation. EGR as a technology has its place in the transport sector but for heavy commercial vehicles that may significantly exceed more than one million kilometres during the course of their life, the technology that reduces fuel consumption and additional operating costs to their minimum is the correct technical choice,” he says.

The SCR-Only solution uses new, patented, after-treatment technology developed by FPT Industrial. The exhaust after-treatment system is contained in a single enclosed box to minimise chassis intrusion.

Key to combustion efficiency is high mean effective cylinder pressure and high injector nozzle pressures, says Iveco. To achieve these aims, important changes to the crankcase and cylinder head designs incorporate increased structural rigidity, higher coolant flow capacity and increased swept volume.

The Tector and Cursor engines have the latest generation of multiple event common rail fuel injection equipment with peak nozzle pressures of up to 2200 bar. A new electronic control unit manages engine parameters and controls the after-treatment system.

“Since the engine only breathes clean filtered air, rather than recirculated exhaust gases, engine wear is maintained very low and oil change intervals are maintained high, with service intervals of up to 150,000 km,” says Iveco.