Katma launches new reefer cleaner

Rietberg, Germany: Next week sees the launch of Katma’s CleanControl ́s robot for the interior cleaning of refrigerated trailers.

Founding brothers Patrick and Felix Kathöfer said: “We are very proud of our young, dynamic team… The machine has been tested under extreme conditions and can therefore ensure reliable cleanliness, especially in the slaughter, food and pharmaceutical industries. We have implemented several cleaning programmes that are adapted to different requirements,” say the founding brothers proudly.”

Katma CleanControl sets a new safe standard for interior cleaning of refrigerated trailers, disinfecting trailers automated from €26 in 3 minutes, the company says. A cleaning certificate is assigned to the number plate and automatically entered into the TMS or ERP system via an interface. This enables seamless logging. “We save up to 75% water, up to 90% chemicals and up to 60% energy compared to manual washing and guarantee clean and safe transport, the company says.

The service is provided as a pay-per-wash with no initial costs. The only additional costs are electricity, water and a sealed surface. “Our full service means that we permanently monitor the machine using remote control and are on site within a very short time if servicing is required. Logistics never sleeps – and neither do we. No personnel are required,” the company says.