Kermené mechanises meat logistics supply for E Leclerc

Rennes, France:  Savoye, which integrates warehouse and logistics IT systems, has signed a contract to install its Picking Tray System to a meat products supplier, Kermené for deliveries to French supermarket retailer E Leclerc.

Savoye began initial work on the mechanisation of Kermené’s logistic platform in March 2011. The new site is projected to be operational in mid 2012 and will enable Kermené to handle 5,000 boxes an hour.

Savoye Picking Tray System operating at Kermené's temperature-contolled meat processing site near Rennes

The 9,000m2 temperature controlled site is located to the west of Rennes close to Kermené meat processing operation that is currently being extended to create an additional 6,000 m2. The new automated cell will be commissioned this summer with a Savoye Picking Tray System over five storage rack aisles.

Alain Bussod, Savoye’s sales director for France says: “This project involves a high performance, compact, upgradeable order fulfilment system. Fifty autonomous shuttles will circulate over ten levels of quadruple depth racks to pick the products to be prepared.

“The system will automatically schedule the orders according to features (weight and size). Besides that, it will be matched with five automated palletisation lines in output and banderolling devices.”

Savoye is also providing mechanised equipment management IT software packages and part of the warehouse management.

The Savoye installation will allow the preparation of 5,000 mono-base, multi-height boxes an hour and provides Kermené with the option to process up to 10,000 boxes an hour in the next 3 to 5 years, with the addition of new storage aisles.

Kermené, has a turnover of €630m and operates from six sites in Brittany handling animal slaughter and meat preparation. 14 million boxes a year pass through the logistic platform in Saint-Onen-la-Chapelle. It provides all of E Leclerc shops with meat and pork meat products for both traditional sale cut at the counter, and at self-service counters.

Savoye is a division of the Legris Industries Group and provides logistics engineering solutions worldwide.