Kerry Logistics expands Chongqing logistics centre

Chongqing, China:  Kerry Logistics has broken ground on the expansion of its Chongqing Logistics Centre just months after the completion of the first phase of the building to meet growth in demand.

Phase 2 construction, which is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2013, comprises 62,700sq metres warehousing space in two towers each four storeys high. The total area of the logistics centre will be 83,200sq metres when the second phase is completed.

Edwardo Erni, managing director, mainland China says: “Chongqing is one of the fastest growing cities in Western China and we have seen a rapid increase in demand for warehousing and logistics services.

“We have completed the first phase of the logistics centre, with an area of 20,500 sq.m, in the first quarter of this year.”

Kerry Logistics is targeting auto spare parts, electronics and hi-tech, and telecommunications sectors to provide integrated logistics services such as VMI, pick-and-pack, labelling, packing and re-packing.

Economic growth in Chongqing during the first quarter of 2011 was 16.3%. Chongqing has an estimated population of 28,846,200. It has jurisdiction over 19 districts, 17 counties, and four autonomous countries and is the largest direct-controlled municipality in China.

Kerry Logistics core business is integrated logistics, freight forwarding and supply chain solutions. The head office in Hong Kong from where is manages  2.4m-sq metres of warehousing and 8,000 vehicle fleet.