Kögel launches lightweight multi-use reefer trailer

Burtenbach, Germany: Kögel’s new lightweight refrigerated trailers will be available this autumn. The new range uses Kögel’s PurFerro foam and steel sandwich-type insulation panels to lower unladen weight by 250kg. The trailer also has better cool air recirculation from increased internal height.

Kögel’s new lightweight refrigerated trailers will be available this autumn

The new Kögel Cool has a tare weight from 7.39 tonnes achieved by integrating the frame into the floor. The trailer is some 250kg lighter than most of the refrigerated box semi-trailers on the market, the company says.
The newly developed low-noise aluminium floor reduces the ground noise during loading and unloading by 10 decibels compared to the previous model.

The hollow chamber frame profile in the floor allowed Kögel engineers to introduce loading and unloading systems as well as fastening options. The new Kögel Cool – PurFerro can also carry other goods such as paper rolls.
The ATP compliant refrigerated box also has a welded aluminium tray for improved hygiene and simpler cleaning. The aluminium tray prevents penetration of humidity into the carrying structures, which increases the life span and the economic efficiency of the refrigerated trailer.

The box body uses 100% CFC-free, newly developed insulating foam polymer. The robust and easy-to-clean steel top layer is also coated with a hard PVC film on the inside. The walls are 45 or 65mm thick, the roof 85mm thick and the floor 125mm thick. The componets are made in-house and maintain their thermal transmission coefficient (K-value). The integrated body floor and frame provides 50mm more space inside. The increased internal height, now 2.67m, also helps to save energy. An additional 20mm permits better circulation of the cooling air in the internal area and ensures a more even temperature distribution, the company says.

The improved internal height also helps Scandinavian customers: the additional evaporator, which is often installed in these countries, no longer leads to a restriction of the loading height.

Direct level and anchoring rails eliminate the need for other costly installations and helps the driver to secure loads quickly and reliably. The standard version of the vehicle also has a load-securing certificate according to DIN EN 12642 XL. This is particularly useful for transporting general cargo and goods on pallets without loading gaps, Kögel says.
Kögel Climatex air cooling system is an option on the new trailer.

The system consists of a specially shaped and perforated air-ducting plate on the front wall, together with a patented air-ducting tarpaulin. The aluminium sheet at the front wall serves as a loading protection plate and spacer for the front wall and ensures a focused reflux air supply in the front part of the vehicle.

The entire vehicle frame is protected against corrosion by Nano Ceramic Technology and cathodic dip-paint coating with subsequent UV varnishing.