Langridge Organic Products adds seven Isuzu 7.5 tonners

Feltham, UK: Langridge Organic Products has added seven Isuzu N75.190 refrigerated trucks to its fleet. Isuzu 7.5 tonners account for the majority of its fleet.

Two of the new Isuzu trucks were specified with new temperature-controlled bodies by local company TLC Bodies. The remaining five new had existing Paneltex refrigerated bodies refurbished and swapped from five Isuzus that have now been replaced.

“This latest fleet truck deal is our third replacement vehicle programme based on the Isuzu marque and the vehicles will be in our fleet for a further five years,” Alex Pearce, managing director, Langridge Organic Products, said.

“Quite simply, we find that the Isuzus are very much like our products in that they have all the good things we need and none of the bad, ticking our box for payload, compact footprint, and proven reliability,” Pearce said.

“When we first started specifying Isuzus in the fleet, it was the payload that really attracted us to the brand, easily far better than any other manufacturer at 7.5 tonne GVW. As we deliver regularly within the M25 conurbation, the compact footprint of the Isuzu chassis was also a significant factor which, combined with the Easyshift automated gearbox, made the trucks very easy to drive in built-up urban areas.”

“Now that we have operated them for eight years, we have also been the beneficiary of the Isuzu’s legendary reliability, which has really risen to the fore during this time. All our Isuzu trucks have been exceptionally, and consistently, reliable in service, which is exactly what we need for our distribution operation,” Pearce said.

The latest Isuzu truck order was supplied by dealer Cordwallis Commercials at Heathrow with a repair and maintenance package from Isuzu Truck (UK).

Covering approximately 40,000 km per annum, the Isuzus deliver organic fruit and vegetables to wholesale suppliers and food outlets in the south of England.

Two of the new Isuzu chassis have single compartment refrigerated bodies by TLC Bodies operating at 5°C. The bodies have nearside access doors and rear tail lifts. The five-remaining new Isuzus have single-temperature Paneltex refrigerated bodies.