LF&E opts for Microlise tracking for better performance

Normanton, West Yorkshire, UK: Temperature-controlled logistics company LF&E has chosen Microlise’s fleet performance and journey management modules to improve driver behaviour and company performance.

Phase one of the project – which will see 49 vehicles fitted with tracking units to monitor fleet performance – is already underway. Phase two, which began earlier this year, will see an additional 110 vehicles (105 vans and 5 HGVs) fitted with the same tracking units, including Remote Tacho Download (RTD). The transition to Microlise technology will allow for “seamless integration with LF&E’s existing web portal, reading valuable temperature data from a pre-existing solution that’s connected to the group’s software”.

Next month, LF&E will add Microlise technology to another 100 vehicles, replacing its existing hardware with the latest Microlise tracking units. And the fourth and final stage, which is expected in the first quarter of 2024, will introduce SmartPod, the group’s Driver Connected Mobility product.

SmartPod will enhance driver route visibility and track arrival and departure times for performance analysis. Journey Management will be a key component of all four phases, with the module set to be rolled out across the company’s full 259-vehicle fleet.

LF&E aims to achieve several essential goals through the adoption of Microlise technology, including the provision of A-G driver reports to improve driver behaviour, comprehensive temperature audit reports per journey and real-time actionable data to enhance vehicle and driver performance. It will also get complete driver route visibility – including accurate arrival and departure times – and daily downloads of driver tachograph and VU data for comprehensive analysis. LF&E will also implement full sign-on-glass technology for proof of delivery and collection data visibility.

The company is confident that the adoption of Microlise’s technology will significantly improve its overall operational efficiency, strengthen customer “service, and reinforce its position as a market leader in the transport and logistics industry”.

Ian Kirkwood, head of new business for Microlise, said: “We are delighted to be working with LF&E to optimise its fleet performance, journey management, and driver connected mobility. Our advanced technology will provide the company with a comprehensive solution to track and analyse its fleet, enhance driver behaviour, and improve overall efficiency.

“Driving innovation forward, our solutions will empower LF&E to reach new heights in operational efficiency and customer service.”

Justin Renn, IT and systems director, LF&E said: “Microlise meticulously project managed this process, agreeing realistic timelines & milestones to meet our expectations.”

LF&E has also adopted Microlise’s compliance module, powered by TruTac, part of the Microlise group, for better visibility of vehicle availability and usage.