Lineage – largest cold chain company in Europe and worldwide

Arlington, Virginia, USA: Lineage has ranked number one on Global Cold Chain Alliance’s lists of the largest European and worldwide refrigeration and logistics providers.

NewCold comes in at number two on the European list with Constellation Cold Logistics and Magnavale at number five. On the worldwide list, NewCold is number four while Constellation is number ten with Magnavale at number 18.

The lists are determined by total capacity of temperature-controlled space operated by GCCA warehouse members. A total capacity of over 600m cubic feet was added to the Global Top 25 since the publication of the 2023 lists, due to merger and acquisition activity and planned new facilities opening, says GCCA.

Adam Thocher, senior vice president, global Pograms and insights, at GGCA, said: “We anticipated that the uncertainty in 2023 would slow investments in the sector, but once again cold chain has proven to be resilient in the face of adversity.

“GCCA members have continued to create and grow their networks around the world, both through acquisition and greenfield developments.”

The Global Top 25 currently operates 6.67bn cubic feet (189m cubic meters). The European Top 10 operates 1.17bn cubic feet (33m cubic meters).


Company                  Capacity ft(3)

1 Lineage 616,000,000
2 NewCold 218,526,929
3 Americold Logistics 120,700,000
4 Constellation Cold Logistics 91,206,027
5 Magnavale 53,204,224
6 Agri-Norcold 30,538,607
7 Frigolanda Cold Logistics 13,000,000
8 Groupe Conhexa 11,572,616
9 Flanders Cold Center 4,661,536
10 Chlodnia Gdansk 3,462,071