Marketing is vital in a recession says Grocontinental

Whitchurch, Shropshire, UK: Successful companies carry on marketing in gloomy economic times and Grocontinental is following that strategy.

Talking in the latest issue of Cold Chain News, Grocontinental joint managing director Linda Grocott says: “We have taken the view that even though we have enjoyed a very successful time with our business during recent years, we needed to market ourselves more consistently.  The most successful companies always continue to market their businesses confidently, and the need is even greater during a recession.”

Meanwhile, James Keeler, director of Garnett Keeler Public Relations, says that social marketing will become increasingly important in the future. “Social networking was almost irrelevant in business-to-business marketing a little while ago but that is no longer the case – and it will become more and more important as time progresses, and as the social networks themselves evolve to meet the needs of business.

“They are doing that at a bewildering rate. However, I think there will be many people who will still prefer to sit down and open the pages of something tangible – a magazine or newspaper – for many years,” he said.
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