Marshall gains Refcom F-Gas certification

Cambridge, UK: Marshall Fleet Solutions has gained the new, full F-Gas company certification from REFCOM, the body appointed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to operate and maintain a register of companies competent to handle certain fluorinated greenhouse refrigerants (set up in response to atmospheric damage caused by certain refrigerant gases).

The new company certificate replaces the previously held interim certificate which had been awarded in 2009.  It validates the Marshall team of engineers as fully trained to City & Guilds standards and certified to work with fluorinated gases on large static equipment such as that found in cold stores, in addition to smaller plant and mobile equipment it already works with.  The new requirements support the control mechanisms in place to regulate greenhouse gases (Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2009).

In order to be awarded the new full company certificate each Marshall Fleet Solutions engineer has gained the latest City & Guilds (2079) Category 1 qualification which teaches him/her how to deal correctly with the leakage, recovery and removal of refrigerants, then how to recharge the system in which they operate.  Keeping records is a key aspect of the training in terms of monitoring refrigerant quantities, location and type of usage, along with reporting procedures.

Marshall Fleet Solutions runs its own professional training facility with full City & Guilds Accreditation, offering a hands-on approach to training its own staff as well as running the service for external applicants.

Andrew Howells, managing director of Marshall Fleet Solutions says:  “The F-Gas certification backs up the training that we have in place for our 75-strong team of engineers. I believe it adds value to what we offer already and keeps us right at the top of our game.”