Maxon Lift UK appoints Roy Taylor sales manager

Peterborough, UK: Roy Taylor has joined Maxon UK as sales manager. He was previously with Jost GB. Maxon is a US-based privately-owned tail lift manufacturer that set up its UK operation in 2008 with the acquisition of the tail lift product line of the Ray Smith Group.

The original RSG range of tail lifts has been redesigned to suit UK and American truck operators. “Although there are obvious differences between the two markets there are common threads in both operational, safety and driver acceptability scenarios,” the cmpany says.

“Hundreds of these models have already been sold in North America and CE marked UK versions of these products are now available. Economies of specification, design and materials have been achieved and are now ready to be passed on to the discerning UK operator,” Maxon is says.

Maxon’s founder invented the original Tuk-A-Way folding tail lift in 1957: it is  now the largest selling style of tail lift in North America.