Morrisons consolidates in South West and Wales

Bridgwater, UK: Supermarket chain Morrisons has opened its regional distribution centre in Bridgwater, which is being operated by DHL. The 71,303 sq metre centre will become fully operational in the new year.

The distribution centre comprises ambient, chilled, frozen and bread warehouses. It will consolidate the operations of four distribution centres, delivering goods 65 stores in the South West and Wales.

Bob Tanners, operations director at DHL Supply Chain, says: “Consolidating Morrisons’ South West distribution onto a single site has helped reduce the number of journeys we need to make and should substantially reduce carbon emissions in the future.”

Ammonia is being used in the frozen and chilled stores rather than hydrofluorocarbons, which damage the ozone layer.

Morrisons will use 220 trailers and 100 tractor units at the site, including a number of double-deck trailers.