New team for UK rigid reefers

Halesowen, UK: Dry-freight bodybuilder Bevan Group is joining with refrigerated semi-trailer builder Schmitz Cargobull to build rigid reefers for the UK.

The refrigerated bodies will be assembled at Bevan’s West Midlands factory using designs, components and materials supplied by Schmitz Cargobull. The bodies have Schmitz Cargobull bolted and galvanised sub-frames and Ferroplast body panels.

Bevan and Schmitz collaborate to produce rigid bodies

Bevan and Schmitz collaborate to produce rigid bodies

Initially, the partnership will target the 12-tonne plus rigid truck market, with 6 metre plus bodies. “Essentially we are taking our respective strengths in the manufacture and assembly of refrigerated trailers and combining them to enhance our offering to UK customers,” says Derek Skinner, technical director, Schmitz Cargobull.

Anthony Bevan, managing director, Bevan, says: “The two companies have similar aspirations – we’re both keen to broaden our product ranges and develop new opportunities, and this partnership provides a platform that allows us to do just that.”

Bevan’s sales force is undergoing technical training on the new bodies and the requirements of temperature-controlled transport operators.  “Our sales team will have a learning curve to negotiate but it will be relatively short and we will be working together closely on all aspects of customer liaison, vehicle specification and ordering,” Bevan says.