Norbert Dentressangle cold store in south of France

Miramas, France: Norbert Dentressangle has opened a shared-user cold store at Miramas in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in the south of France as part of its development of temperature-controlled logistics business in Europe.

The 10,745m2 facility has a CO2 refrigeration system and provides chilled and frozen storage for 8,500 pallets on two levels, one underground.

The new facility is close to Norbert Dentressangle’s existing cold store in Salon-de-Provence.  The two sites give Norbert Dentressangle 160,000m3 of frozen storage space over 21,000m2.

The Miramas site will serve around 85 customers, providing a frozen storage and distribution service to around 1,500 delivery points from Perpignan to Monaco.

Norbert Dentressangle operates 2,220 refrigerated vehicles and 53 chilled and frozen sites in 12 European countries, with combined storage capacity of 4m3.  The company’s temperature-controlled storage and distribution business generated sales of €450 million in 2010.

The new facility is close to Norbert Dentressangle's existing cold store in Salon-de-Provence