Norbert Dentressangle trails hybrid drive forklift trucks

Northampton, UK: Norbert Dentressangle is replacing 40 fork lift trucks this year with a new hybrid drive model that on average reduces fuel consumption by 35%.

Norbert Dentressangle trailed11 Still RX70 hybrid drive LPG forklifts, supplied on a five-year contract hire option, at its Northampton, Rowley Regis and Leigh depots last year.

Simon Tebbs, procurement business partner at Norbert Dentressangle Transport Services, says: “The initial trials demonstrated that the hybrid drive trucks would deliver a significant business improvement with an average 35% reduction in fuel consumption and, depending on use, some even saw a drop of almost 50%.

“The outgoing trucks use 5.4 litres of fuel per hour, whereas the new model uses 2.4 litres per hour, when measured against industry VDI 2198 Standard.”