Norbert Dentressangle trials hybrid trucks in France and Britain

Saint-Vallier, France: Norbert Dentressangle is poised to trial two hybrid vehicles in Paris and Lyon ahead of a planned UK trial later this year.

The 19-tonne Renault Premium Distribution hybrid vehicles combine a diesel engine with an electric motor designed to reduce fuel consumption by 20% and run more quietly than a similar diesel truck.

Norbert will conduct trials in London later this year to compare performance with diesel models by running a similar 6×2 rear steer vehicle.

The electric motor powers the vehicle from start to 12 mph before the conventional bio-diesel fueled engine takes over. The vehicles are particularly suited to urban operations. In Paris, Norbert will use the trucks to make deliveries for the Carrefour group.

The company is also set to embark on a new phase of tests for alternative technologies for diesel-powered engines.