NYK slashes carbon emissions

Manchester: Haulier, NYK (Nippon Yusen Kabushiki) has cut 100 tonnes of CO2 every month in the last year by reducing the number of transport miles by about 100,000km from journey rationalisation and using the rail network.

The project forms part of a drive by NYK to reduce the carbon emissions generated by its operations, which saw it increase the number of containers moved by rail from 35% to 40%, with the remaining 60% carried by truck (55%) and feeder vessels (5%).

This has been supported by increased gauge clearance on UK railways that now allow the shipping of high-cube containers from Southampton to Manchester.  As a result, NYK said that its transfers to rail hit a peak in September 2011, saving the equivalent of 180 truck journeys and 30 tonnes of CO2.

According to NYK, it also achieved the saving by working with hauliers to increase the number of container reloads through a triangulation of journeys, which saw it use the same truck to take import containers from Southampton and bring back export containers.