Olympics could hamper delivery of temperature-controlled drugs and vaccines

London, UK:  The British Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers has raised concerns about the transport of drugs and vaccines to chemists and hospitals during the Olympic Games this summer.

The body has written to 1,500 chemists’ shops, warning them that “significant congestion and delivery challenges” could mean that it would be unworkable to provide a twice per day delivery service during the Olympics.

The BAPW has called for a special exemption to allow its distributors to temporarily stop outside pharmacies to deliver medicines. And it is working with government departments and Transport for London to find solutions.

However, the BAPW is worried that putting alternative arrangements in place could pose safety and security problems, including the temperature-controlled transport of vaccines.

“Our primary objective is to ensure that we have robust and resilient operational service plans in place, and to guarantee delivery of critical life-saving medicines during this extensive period,” said the BAPW in a statement.