Orbcomm buys StarTrak Systems

Fort Lee, NJ, US: Orbcomm has bought most of the assets of StarTrak Systems from Alanco Technologies.

StarTrak provides tracking, monitoring and control services for the refrigerated transport market. Under its ReeferTrak and GenTrak brands, the company provides customers with the ability to proactively monitor, manage and remotely control their refrigerated transport assets.

“The StarTrak acquisition is an important milestone in the continued evolution of Orbcomm as an innovative, satellite-based M2M (machine to machine) communications services company,” Orbcomm’s chief executive Marc Eisenberg said in a statement.

“We are excited about the opportunity to grow the StarTrak business and to introduce their market-leading technology to our global distribution channels. We look forward to bringing our hardware and communications expertise to the company and to building next-generation services for our complementary vertical markets.”

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StarTrak works with refrigerated unit manufacturers such as Carrier and Thermo King and supplies systems to operators including Tropicana, Maersk Line, Prime, CR England, FFE Transport, and Exel Transportation.