PakSense introduces XpressPDF label for monitoring temperature

Boise, ID, US: PakSense has launched the XpressPDF Label for the automatic monitoring of temperature and time of items that have a short shelf life such as vaccines, foods, biologics and pharmaceuticals.

According to PakSense chief executive David Light, the main intention behind creating the product was to ensure simplicity in cold chain monitoring, easier customer usage and use of minimal infrastructure.

The label is compact and can be attached to a computer through its USB port. The label automatically creates a PDF data file which contains the history of the product’s temperature and time accompanied with statistics based on graphs. The label comes with a temperature sensor that helps the label to take readings of the object that it has been attached to. The data helps in differentiating between the temperature of the product and the surrounding environment. The label also has diodes that emit light when there is an excursion of temperature. Users can include the XpressPDF label into any other logistics database through the PakSense Device Interface SDK and the labels can also be recycled under the PakSense GreenSense Program.