Panalpina uses RFID for temperature-control

Zurich, Switzerland: Panalpina is extending its cool chain network with the use of SmartView technology to monitor, control and document shipments.

The vast bulk of Panalpina cargo temperature sensitive cargo include pharmaceuticals, chemical pre-products, dangerous and hazardous substances, high-tech wafers, printing machines and test or prototype automobiles.

SmartView is a RFID-based temperature control system, which provides integrated control to manage temperature sensitive shipments end-to-end throughout the supply chain. Temperatures can be documented in the air, and actively monitored in the transit warehouse and on the road.

Temperature monitoring of air cargo is expanded to road transport in pre- and on-carriage, combining active RFID technology with GPRS and GPS technology to fulfill any additional monitoring requirements, such as humidity, shock and light exposure, air pressure or location.